Bangkok Veterans League
Season #5
— Team Photos 2009 —

Teams from Season #5 (2009):

[Apr/2009] — We were delighted to see Niclas bring back one of the original Founding Father teams, Scandinavian Vikings, back to the Vets League after a more than 2-year absence.

[Apr/2009] — British Club enjoying the day as always.

[Apr/2009] — Anatolian Turks looked formidable on the day.

[Apr/2009] — Southerners, with a bit of help from Pickled Liver, went through the day at their own pace.

[Apr/2009] — Following their Grand Final appearance last month, JFC Bears had another successful run this month, finishing 6th overall.

[Apr/2009] — Shield! (9th overall) winners, British Club, enjoying their 15-seconds-of-shame.

[Apr/2009] — The champions on the day, Blue Lightning, lift the Top Cup on their 3rd participation in the Vets League.

[Apr/2009] — And, one last shot of the Blue Lightning (and their immaculate crowd) for the road.

[Jul/2009] — New team in the Vets, THAIcrew United, all nice-&-neat and inline.

[Jul/2009] — After a year of absence from the Vets, Nextstep Steppers appear very disciplined and in order.

[Jul/2009] — Yingcharoen Standbys had a rather strong squad this month.

[Jul/2009] — And, Nextstep Steppers's discipline and the order is all gone once they meet the Formula-1 Trophy Girls.

[Jul/2009] — THAIcrew United are actively working on recruiting new staff into the Thai Airlines.

[Jul/2009] — British Club are always smiles when the Formula-1 Trophy Girls are around.

[Jul/2009] — Anatolian Turks, with underage Ilker as the only Turk on the squad, had another close call this month, and missed the penalty-shootout against Crossbar Southerners in the SFs.

[Jul/2009] — Joe and the crew from Blue Lightning happy with their Shield! (9th overall) performance on the day.

[Jul/2009] — Another successful outing for Yingcharoen Standbys as the Plate! (5th overall) winners.

[Jul/2009] — Red Navy showcasing their Crossbar Beer Voucher as the consolation prize for 3rd place in the tournament.

[Jul/2009] — Martin and the cricketers from Crossbar Southerners outdone themselves this month to finish 2nd overall in the tournament.

[Jul/2009] — Kh. Somboon and the Harrow Cooks joyful for a repeat championship performance in the Vets.

[Jul/2009] — LeCoq French's Eric, Dominique and Olivier always give their best for one last one for the road.

[Aug/2009] — Los Latinos, with Chinese Ali in their goal this month, taking the tournament in their own stride.

[Aug/2009] — Thanks to "Real" Time, Scandinavian Vikings are now a more regular fixture in the Vets League.

[Aug/2009] — Anatolian Turks, with Head Referee Kumar in the lineup, appear disciplined starting from the beginning of the day.

[Aug/2009] — Crossbar Southerners showing their true selves with plenty of smiles.

[Aug/2009] — Kenji San and his debutantes Manow Japan, with 3 Lady players in their ranks.

[Aug/2009] — Southern Cross had a respectable outing after a few months of absence.

[Aug/2009] — The Omnipresent British Club were present (in spirit) by their former stalwarts, Eralp (in Anatolian Turks), Vern (in LeCoq French) and John (in Scandinavian Vikings) on the day.

[Aug/2009] — LeCoq French's Marc trying his best to get to Manow Japan's untouchable Ladies.

[Aug/2009] — THAIcrew United find time to get one more shot in for Vets League's official cameras.

[Aug/2009] — Not to be underdone, Yingcharoen Standbys also get one more shot in with the Formula-1 Trophy Girls.

[Aug/2009] — Los Latinos fully satisfied with their non-BadCup! 14th place finish on the day (not sure what goalkeeper Ali is aiming to grab :)

[Aug/2009] — Southern Cross stop to take one more shot with the Formula-1 Trophy Girls as well.

[Aug/2009] — The more casual, JFC Penguins, finish the day silverwareless, having won the BadCup! final against Crossbar Southerners.

[Aug/2009] — This time in their traditional crimson reds, Anatolian Turks never miss a shot with the Formula-1 Trophy Girls.

[Aug/2009] — Germans are always a cohesive unit.

[Aug/2009] — A rare joint-photo of JFC Bears (serious) and JFC Penguins (casual) teams.

[Aug/2009] — Happy to see Japan Allstars back in the Vets League regularly again after some time of absence.

[Aug/2009] — LeCoq French are glad they have made it to the end of the day.

[Aug/2009] — Germans's table is also full of Chang Draft, ready for consumption.

[Aug/2009] — Japan Allstars and Manow Japan form an alliance . . . to consume more beers.

[Aug/2009] — Crossbar Southerners, under the leadership of Craig, well-deserving and easily brought home the BadCup! on the day.

[Aug/2009] — Shield! (9th overall) trophy goes to Southern Cross.

[Aug/2009] — Sunbelt United appear somber, missing out on the championship today, but still getting the Plate! (5th overall) trophy.

[Aug/2009] — For their 3rd overall placing, JFC Bears win this month's free beers coupon at the Crossbar.

[Aug/2009] — The whole Blue Lightning crew stay till the end to get their picture in for their Runners-up ranking.

[Aug/2009] — Anatolian Turks, led by B.Yilmaz in his very last Vets League competition, joyous to pick up their "first-ever" Vets League championship trophy.




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