Bangkok Veterans League
Season #4
— Team Photos 2008 —

Teams from Season #4 (2008):

[Feb/2008] — Newcomers (non-Turkish) Turkish Allstars in their distinctive Ordu shirts, lead by their only-Turkish Captain, Neset (the chap with the hair implants!).

[Feb/2008] — Newbies, Eton Rifles — a collection of players from British Club, Irish Xchange and John Smiths, enjoyed their "first-ever" run in the Vets and finished a strong 18th overall.

[Feb/2008] — The ever-present British Club pulled out another successful tournament — 19th overall!

[Feb/2008] — Newcomers Triumph Rockets finished the day with the Shield! (9th overall) trophy.

[Feb/2008] — Eventual champions, Cosmos, in their lucky yellow bibs.

[Feb/2008] — LesGaulois invading the Admin Tent, in search of more points for the Group Stage.

[Feb/2008] — The "Original" half of BSL Veterans.

[Feb/2008] — The new offshoot "Apprentice" half of BSL Veterans.

[Feb/2008] — "Le Bleu" LeCoq French caught in their reds "first-ever" time.

[Feb/2008] — A strong title contender Anatolian Turks in their new white kits, with Vikings's Anders in their attack this month.

[Feb/2008] — Swiss United in action, always punctual to their various games around the Harrow venue.

[Feb/2008] — The defending Champ! Harrow Cooks looked confident again, especially with the Formula-1 Trophy Girls on their side.

[Feb/2008] — Enfant Teenagers, with their influential Captain Kh. Ning in the middle, posing with teenage Formula-1 Trophy Girls.

[Feb/2008] — Rather serious looking Medical Gear could finish 15th overall this month.

[Feb/2008] — A jubilant LesGaulois went all the way to the Grand Final this month, losing to Cosmos at the very end.

[Feb/2008] — BU Japan, with their huge squad, is enjoying the day, bringing home the 20th overall ranking and no BadCup! this month.

[Feb/2008] — Yingcharoen Standby had a strong run this month, winning the Plate! (5th overall) trophy .

[Mar/2008] — British Club, with the aid of Hotspot's Preben and Vern, had an impressive run this month.

[Mar/2008] — LeCoq pictured with their "alma pater" le coq.

[Mar/2008] — This month's newbies Crossbar Strikers, mostly formed from the legendary Scandinavian Vikings of 2006, couldn't fulfill the expectations of the crowd to make a run for the Top Cup.

[Mar/2008] — Anatolian Turks were another force to reckon with this month, and giving a good run to Cosmos in the Cup SFs, and in the end, replicating their 3rd place achievement of last month.

[Mar/2008] — The impressive squad of Winking Frog are all on Sprite soda at this point in the day (including Derek!).

[Mar/2008] — Swiss United seemed like they had a deep squad, but couldn't prevent the BadCup! achievement this month.

[Mar/2008] — Usually strong Campioni Italians were in search of their influential leader, Thierry.

[Mar/2008] — BU Japan tried their best not to win the BadCup!, and finished the day at an healthy 15th overall.

[Mar/2008] — Japan FC's split-half, JFC Bears, faired well, and ranked 12th overall at the end of the day.

[Mar/2008] — Japan FC's the new offshoot half, JFC Penguins, narrowly lost the battle against their bitter rivals, BU Japan, and ended the day at 16th.

[Mar/2008] — Winking Frog back in the frame, this time with the Formula-1 Trophy Girls, on their way to yet another 2nd place finish. They just gotto do 1 better one of these days.

[Mar/2008] — The day's Champ!, Bangkok Cosmos, pictured with their lucky yellow bibs, . . . and the Formula-1 Trophy Girls.

[Mar/2008] — Swiss United change shirts and take the Formula-1 Trophy Girls, but still doesn't help with the BadCup! finish.

[Mar/2008] — Germans in their national colours — black and pink!

[Mar/2008] — From 5th place Plate! last month to this month's BadCup! final, Yingcharoen Standbys had a lot riding on their side.

[Mar/2008] — Kh. Somboon and Harrow Cooks brought their impressive squad again, finishing the day at 4th overall.

[Apr/2008] — Winking Frog lads surveying the competition ahead in the day.

[Apr/2008] — British Club look thin on the ground in the beginning of the day.

[Apr/2008] — Nextstep in their Sepak Takraw style warm-up drills.

[Apr/2008] — BSL assembled a decisively strong squad this month.

[Apr/2008] — Eventual Champ! Harrow Cooks joyful no matter how the results end up on the pitch.

[Apr/2008] — Another strong showing from Japan FC, finishing the day at 7th overall.

[Apr/2008] — Medical Gear showed up late to the competition, and their results were indicative, finishing 10th overall.

[Apr/2008] — The British Club gang lined up for a lovely picture with the Formula-1 Trophy Girls.

[Apr/2008] — The 15-strong BU Japan, without their legendary leader Mori San, happily grabbed the Shield! (9th overall) trophy.

[Apr/2008] — LeCoq French (featuring the new transfer Keith) singing their hearts out for their "first-ever" BadCup! trophy in the Vets League.

[Apr/2008] — Wakana San showing off BU Japan's rare Shield! (9th overall) trophy.

[Apr/2008] — Captain Marc and BSL Veterans take the stage en masse for their rare but well-deserved 3rd place finish.

[Apr/2008] — Kh. Somboon and the Harrow Cooks gang with their 2nd Champ! trophy in the Vets League, in front of our beers sponsor banner of ChefsXP.

[Aug/2008] — British Club, with the aid of Hotspot's Preben and Vern, but this month missing legendary Reza in goal, had an another impressive run this month, finishing 3rd overall.

[Aug/2008] — Germans brought another massive squad to finish 12th overall, right about midway among the pool of teams.

[Aug/2008] — Eton Rifles in their Brazilian yellows had a good time as usual, finishing at 11th overall.

[Aug/2008] — JFC Bears impressively finished at the top of their Group-B pool, and concluded the tournament as 6th overall.

[Aug/2008] — The always-strong Harrow Cooks couldn't enter the Cup Division this month, but ended up winning the Shield Division (9th overall) as a reprisal.

[Aug/2008] — Yingcharoen Pink in their attractive pink colours also reached the Cup SFs this month, and carried home the FairPlay! (4th overall) trophy in the end.

[Aug/2008] — Anatolian Turks had another impressive performance in their Group-A pool, quickly running away with the top spot, but lost to eventual Champ! New Wave in the Cup QFs.

[Aug/2008] — Amnuaysilp Grads taking the day at their own stride, and even making it to the BadCup! Final.

[Aug/2008] — Amadeus Bookmakers enjoying a nice photo with Formula-1 Trophy Girls.

[Aug/2008] — New kids in town, King Cobras, getting a bit of cheer from the Formula-1 Trophy Girls (yet keeping very diplomatic), after their zero-pointer bottom-ender Group Stage finish, and yet clearly staying away from the BadCup! in their first-ever entry in the Vets League.

[Aug/2008] — Medical Gear had a respectable showing, taking home the Bowl! (17th oveall) trophy.

[Aug/2008] — Defending Champ! Yingcharoen Red had more supporters on their sides than just the spectators.

[Aug/2008] — New Wave in the frame right before their yet another Grand Final outing.

[Aug/2008] — The New Wave gang finally getting their hand on a Champ! trophy after so many times of coming so close.

[Nov/2008] — British Club and their faithful supporters guarding all the many trophies on offer this month.

[Nov/2008] — This month's Team-X fought hard not to get that revered BadCup!

[Nov/2008] — LeCoq French wishing they could get the Veterans World Cup trophy one day.

[Nov/2008] — The indomitable Harrow Cooks caught in the frame with their Thomas Cook shirts.

[Nov/2008] — Eton Rifles enjoyed another good run on the day, as always, finishing 8th overall.

[Nov/2008] — Anatolian Turks, with their strong squad, are always a dangerous team to reckon with.

[Nov/2008] — Members of the British Club Masters (today, playing for various teams) are recognized, and duly enjoying the spotlight, as the 2nd Annual "Veterans Futsal Championship" champions from a week ago.

[Nov/2008] — Members of this month's Team-X satisfied with their Bowl! (17th overall) finish, while Preben is caught making his trademark move.

[Nov/2008] — The entire Campioni Italians invade the stage to show off their Plate! (5th overall) finish.

[Nov/2008] — Surprising 3rd place finishers, LeCoq French, grab the free beer-bucket coupon, and run with it.

[Nov/2008] — Another month, and another championship for Kh. Somboon and his Harrow Cooks gang.




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