Bangkok Veterans League
Season #3
— Team Photos 2007 —

Teams from Season #3 (2007):

[Feb/2007] — Anatolian Turks, with Chris keeping their goal, were a strong force to reckon with once again.

[Feb/2007] — Eventual champions, Cosmos, are in their new & improved shirts.

[Feb/2007] — BU Japan, finishing 8th under the leadership of Mori San, are continuously improving their performance month after month.

[Feb/2007] — Shrewsbury Teachers had a good run, and plenty of good laughs (especially after beating Cosmos during the Group Stage!).

[Feb/2007] — Dominique and the LeCoq boys had a lot riding this month, and won their own "11th place" final!

[Feb/2007] — Derek and the boys from the Winking Frog never miss a photo-op.

[Feb/2007] — With Gonzague, Preben and Malcolm on their side this month, Sunbelt was always threatening throughout the day.

[Feb/2007] — Yingcharoen Standbys never looked like to have warmed to the game this month, and finished a lowly 12th place overall.

[Feb/2007] — Khun Kruu Steve and Harrow Teachers, with a couple of ringers from Pickled Liver, had one of their best tournaments in recent memory this month, and brought home the Plate! (5th overall) trophy, handing Cosmos their "first-ever" defeat in the Vets in the process.

[Feb/2007] — Tim "the Real Deal" and the Viking Vets are taking a break to strike a pose between the games. [picture courtesy of Vikings website]

[Feb/2007] — Beer is the reward for BSL Veterans for narrowly missing out on the BadCup!

[Feb/2007] — Our newest debutantes, Amadeus Bookmakers, are happy and content with their BadCup! win on their first outing at the Vets League.

[Mar/2007] — Amadeus is all smiles in their BadCup! "Ronaldinho Orange" outfit this month.

[Mar/2007] — The camaraderie in this Pickled Liver team is untouchable.

[Mar/2007] — Anatolian Turks ready for some real action.

[Mar/2007] — BSL Veterans put on brave face throughout the day (despite the BadCup! performance).

[Mar/2007] — Debsirin Grads had specific plan for the Top Trophy in their "first-ever" entry in the Vets League.

[Mar/2007] — The very vocal Campioni Italians, in their Denmark-red kits, easily swept into their "first-ever" Vets League.

[Mar/2007] — The unassuming Swiss proved to be a strong team in their first month in the Vets.

[Mar/2007] — Yingcharoen Standbys took the day easy, and could finish the day at 15th place.

[Mar/2007] — Love those pinky shirts.!

[Mar/2007] — Mighty NIST Teachers were dominating throughout the day, and finished 3rd overall as a result.

[Mar/2007] — LeCoq is notorious with their attention to detail when it comes to supply of material and equipment.

[Mar/2007] — Another brave display of football from the "always positive" Harrow Teachers.

[Mar/2007] — Irish Xchange is never to be underestimated.

[Mar/2007] — Campioni Italians return to the iris of the camera, this time in their Swedish-yellow kits.

[Mar/2007] — New-joiners, Japan FC, had plenty substitutes on the roster this month.

[Mar/2007] — Japan FC had plenty MORE substitutes on the roster this month (someone must have forgotten to mention that Vets League is only 7-a-side!).

[Mar/2007] — Debsirin Grads are joyous at the end of the day with their 2nd place showing.

[Apr/2007] — At last, Pickled Liver's huge squad brought home some much sought-after silverware this month.

[Apr/2007] — The Anatolian Turks, in their new kits, had a good run overall, but came short on any silverware again.

[Apr/2007] — Eventual Champions, LesGaulois, caught on camera earlier in the day, flanked by their stand-in coach, LeCoq Dominique.

[Apr/2007] — Each new month, Amadeus is bringing younger & younger players, and as a result, going higher & higher on the rankings.

[Apr/2007] — Derek and the boys from Winking Frog thoroughly enjoyed the day (and the beers, of course), only losing the Debsirin on penalty-shootout in the Shield Division Final.

[Apr/2007] — A trimmed-down Japan FC squad couldn't do as good as their first entry last month.

[Apr/2007] — Defending Champ! Cosmos looked thin on numbers, and struggled in the Group Stage.

[Apr/2007] — The joyful Campioni Italians bettered their rankings this month, only losing to Amadeus Bookmakers in the 3rd Place game.

[Apr/2007] — Sunbelt United went all the way to the BadCup! final, handing it to BSL Veterans in the penalty-shootout.

[Apr/2007] — BadCup! holders BSL Veterans in the distinctive "Ronaldinho Orange" shirts repeated the feat a 2nd month in-a-row.

[Apr/2007] — Apr/2007 Team-X Volunteers brimming with confidence, and pulling in a respectable 13th place.

[Apr/2007] — Debsirin Grads having a good time on the Vets. [picture courtesy of Debsirin webboard]

[Apr/2007] — A completely satisfied LesGaulois poses to immortalize their achievement in the Vets.

[Jun/2007] — BadCup! defenders BSL is trying its best to hide the Ronaldinho Orange shirts.

[Jun/2007] — This month's debutantes, Enfant Teenagers, lead by their disciplined Manager Kh. Ning, narrowly escaped the BadCup!, generously handing it over to Harrow Teachers in a closely fought last place match.

[Jun/2007] — BU Japan in their distinctive pinky shirts, finishing a record 4th (from the top!).

[Jun/2007] — LeCoq enjoying their brief break before the next match.

[Jun/2007] — Sunbelt did relatively well compared to previous months, losing to Winking Frog in the Plate Division, and finishing 6th overall.

[Jun/2007] — Winking Frog players paying allegiance to their inspirational leader, Derek.

[Jun/2007] — Japan FC's, young-&-old massive squad, on display.

[Jun/2007] — Anatolian Turks watching the Cup Division SF1, having finished at an unprecedented 18th place themselves!

[Jun/2007] — Hodgepodge members of this month's Team-X Volunteers, who volunteered to form Team-X throughout the day, evidence their 16th place (or "non-BadCup!") achievement.

[Jul/2007] — Cosmos caught on camera while training between matches.

[Jul/2007] — Japan FC and their massively expanding squad.

[Jul/2007] — BU Japan and their seemingly shrinking squad.

[Jul/2007] — Anatolian Turks, in their national colours, are full of confidence.

[Jul/2007] — Yingcharoen is proud to show off their Bowl! (17th overall) trophy from last month!

[Jul/2007] — Winking Frog secluded in their remote camp, devising ways to bring home the Top Trophy.

[Aug/2007] — Anatolian Turks brought one of their strong squads in recent times.

[Aug/2007] — BadCup! defenders, BU Japan, in their distinctive Ronaldinho Orange.

[Aug/2007] — BSL Veterans, with a couple of ringers from LeCoq French, enjoyed the day throughout.

[Aug/2007] — Hot off the docks, the League's new debutantes, Sunbelt come, Hotspot Spotters.

[Aug/2007] — British-Frog's formidable squad, while Derek the Frog pulling his usual pranksters.

[Aug/2007] — Defending Champ! Irish Xchange came short this month, bowing out to British-Frog on penalty-shootouts in the SFs.

[Aug/2007] — BU Japan had to rush to a close friend's farewell party, but not before being handed over the BadCup! of this month.

[Sep/2007] — This month's debutantes in the League, Nextstep, had a respectable run, and took home the Shield! (9th overall) trophy.

[Oct/2007] — With Thierry and Carlo on board, Campioni Italians are always a powerhouse.

[Oct/2007] — Nextstep Steppers brought a strong squad again this month, and finish 4th overall.

[Oct/2007] — The BSL Veterans looked rather bare-bones this month.

[Oct/2007] — Yingcharoen Standbys cheering themselves up, but finished winning the BadCup! Final.

[Oct/2007] — Team-X at that instance in time.

[Oct/2007] — This month's debutantes, Medical Gear got a good taste of Vets action, finishing 15th overall.

[Oct/2007] — A full-house Hotspot Spotters, resigned themselves to their "first-ever" BadCup! this month.

[Oct/2007] — Medical Gear back in the frame with a wider angle of the fabulous Harrow School venue. [picture courtesy of P30's Krazy Football Club website]

[Oct/2007] — Japan FC enjoying the end of the day.

[Oct/2007] — John Smiths's reds, with Anders and Keld as imports from legendary Vikings, shining bright in the heat of the night.

[Oct/2007] — Champ! Cosmos, although missing their influential leader Mauro on the ranks this month, always bring an invincible squad to the Vets League.

[Nov/2007] — LeCoq French and their long queue of supporters ready to kick off the day (What's Anatolian's Haydar doing in the mix?)

[Nov/2007] — Anatolian Turks with their massive squad in expectation of high results this month.

[Nov/2007] — Campioni Italians brought their biggest team this month which paid huge dividends, finishing 3rd overall in the day.

[Nov/2007] — BSL Veterans fought hard throughout the day in order not to win the BadCup!

[Nov/2007] — British Club with black armbands in memory of Martin's recently lost twins.

[Nov/2007] — Harrow Teachers, with a towering goalkeeper, finished the day with a rare 2nd overall finish.




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