Bangkok Veterans League
Season #2
— Team Photos 2006 —

Teams from Season #2 (2006):

[Mar/2006] — Debutantes Winking Frog evidencing their 2nd place finish in their "first-ever" entry in the Vets League.

[Mar/2006] — Victorious Vikings caught in front of the camera right before the awards ceremony. [picture courtesy of Vikings website]

[Sep/2006] — Germans in their new strips.

[Oct/2006] — British Club never looked ready though.!

[Oct/2006] — Winking Frog is not just a football team, it's an institution.! (Sorry, the Vikings contingent had to be censored!)

[Oct/2006] — The great French team — of the '80s.! (Love those red boots.!)

[Oct/2006] — Sunbelt returned to the Vets after a few months of absence, and snatched their customary 3rd place. Yamine was spotted double-timing the LeCoq French and the Sunbelt as the coach of both.

[Nov/2006] — BU Japan ready as ever.

[Nov/2006] — Handsome boys from Sunbelt looking bright at the beginning of the day, with a touch of Turkish infiltration.

[Nov/2006] — LeCoq French had a large and intimidating squad this month.

[Nov/2006] — Everyone is in line in Yingcharoen Standbys in their Royal yellows.

[Nov/2006] — Pickled Liver had a great time in their first outing in the Vets.

[Nov/2006] — Harrow Teachers, on their home ground, seemed a strong side to beat.

[Nov/2006] — Yingcharoen Standbys after their victory against the Pickled Liver.

[Nov/2006] — British Club's big squad of talented pool of players was a force to reckon with throughout the day, and they captured the championship after nearly a year of hiatus.

[Dec/2006] — Sunbelt initially struggled for numbers, then they had enough for an enjoyable run on the day.

[Dec/2006] — The always "HIV" positive "Harrow International Veterans" under the leadership of Khun Kruu Steve.

[Dec/2006] — The spirit of Christmas was clearly palpable among the new joiners, Shrewsbury Teachers.

[Dec/2006] — For a "first-ever" time out at the Vets, the BSL Veterans were happy and content with their respectable 11th place run on the day.

[Dec/2006] — The ever-present British Club were short on numbers throughout the day, and the scores certainly showed, narrowly missing out on the BadCup!

[Dec/2006] — The eventual champions Cosmos never miss a photo-op.

[Dec/2006] — Derek and the Boys from the Winking Frog had a strong run on the day, grabbing the 3rd place overall.

[Dec/2006] — BU Japan in their new pinky kits (love 'em!!) ending up a strong 9th place overall are showing great improvement continuously. We can say they won the (then unofficial) "Shield Division" ..!!!

[Dec/2006] — The new joiners Anatolian Turks (in their puzzling Argentina kit) finishing 7th overall proved that they will be a strong top contenders in the coming months.

[Dec/2006] — LeCoq French, under the leadership of Dominique, were full of smiles throughout the day, and they won "their own final" — the 13th-14th place game.!!

[Dec/2006] — These Yingcharoen boys always attract some beautiful ladies every time, the reason of which noone clearly knows.!

[Dec/2006] — Pickled Liver were on the beer too early. The result was a BadCup! performance.!!

[Dec/2006] — Everyone is a Ronaldinho wannabe among the Anatolian Turks.

[Dec/2006] — Flanked by Formula-1 Trophy Girls, a humble looking Mauro lifts triumphant Cosmos's 2006 season-ending trophy.




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