Bangkok Veterans League
Season #1
— Team Photos 2005 —

Teams from Season #1 (2005):

[Feb/2005] — Germans ready to win it all.

[Apr/2005] — Underpowered Vikings are on the beers early in the day.

[Apr/2005] — Germans are intend on winning the championship.

[Jun/2005] — Germans ready for action.

[Jun/2005] — Champions, Harrow Teachers, raise their glass to their "first-ever" victory.

[Sep/2005] — NIST Teachers are all smiles winning their 2nd Vets championship in as many entries.

[Nov/2005] — A cameo appearance from the Gulfcoast Arabians.

[Dec/2005] — Sunbelt United (+ Mori San) had a good showing on the day.

[Dec/2005] — Yingcharoen Standbys struggled with a depleted squad.

[Dec/2005] — ThaiAir Village looked strong, but lacked the performance on the field, and become another one of the statistics to bring home the BadCup! on their "first-ever" entry in the Vets.

[Dec/2005] — The Champ!, British Club grabbed their "first-ever" Top Trophy in the Vets.




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