Bangkok Veterans League
— Joint Team Photos —

Joint Team Photos:

[Feb/2005] — Finalists, NIST Teachers and Germans, posing for a photo-op after their entertaining Grand Final.

[Apr/2005] — Yingcharoen Standbys and Harrow Teachers enjoy the photo-op following the nerve-wrecking Grand Final and the shoot-out

[Nov/2005] — Finalist teachers, Harrow and NIST, enjoying the photo-op before the Grand Final.

[Mar/2006] — Finalists, Winking Frog and Vikings, taking the opportunity for a friendly photo after the Grand Final.

[Jul/2006] — British Club and BU Japan take the opportunity for a photo following their gruesome 8-7 penalty-shootout encounter — for the possession of the revered BadCup!

[Aug/2006] — Friendly Grand Finalists, Anglo-Franco -vs- Vikings, before the Grand Final.

[Oct/2006] — British Club and the Germans in their traditional red (which one is which?).

[Oct/2006] — Victorious Cosmos share a photo-op with the resurgent LeCoq French after their Grand Final.

[Nov/2006] — The day's Grand Finalists, British Club and Yingcharoen Standbys, enjoying the photo-op before the Grand Final.

[Dec/2006] — Cosmos and Irish Xchange celebrating the day after their entertaining, but lopsided, 3-0 Grand Final.

[Feb/2007] — Terrific scene! There are no losers among the Vikings and Anatolia.

[Feb/2007] — Cosmos comes out on top against the Irish in SF2, again following a penalty-shootout.

[Feb/2007] — The 3rd place goes to Irish Xchange, narrowly winning 1-0 over the Anatolian Turks.

[Feb/2007] — Great joint-team photo between the Grand Finalists, Cosmos and Vikings, to finish off the day.

[Apr/2007] — LesGaulois and Amadeus pause for a photo-op after their bruising encounter in Cup Division SF1, where LesGaulois won their ticket to the Grand Final on a 2-1 score.

[Apr/2007] — Putting a brave face on a BadCup! performance, BadCup! finalists Sunbelt and BSL posing for the camera, where Sunbelt handed over the BadCup! to BSL by winning the lengthy 7-6 shootout.

[Apr/2007] — Debsirin Grads and Winking Frog in a friendly post-final photo in the Shield Division, where Debsirin came out on top 5-4 in the penalty-shootout. [picture courtesy of Debsirin webboard]

[Apr/2007] — Great post-final photo of the Grand Finalists, LesGaulois and Cosmos.

[Jun/2007] — Debsirin and BU Japan stop for a photo-op at the end of SF1.

[Jun/2007] — A nice joint-photo of the bitter rivals at the end of SF2.

[Jun/2007] — Finalists captured together before the Grand Final.

[Jun/2007] — Finalists after the Grand Final (and still friends!).

[Jun/2007] — LesGaulois and Debsirin with their trophies at the end of another great Vets day. [picture courtesy of Debsirin webboard]

[Jul/2007] — LesGaulois French and Irish Xchange caught on camera after their SF clash.

[Jul/2007] — Two biggest squads of the day, Yingcharoen and Japan FC, after their Shield! (5th overall) final.

[Jul/2007] — Finalist, Irish Xchange and Winking Frog, posing for fame before their Grand Final battle.

[Aug/2007] — BU Japan and Hotspot Spotters pose for a nice one after their Play-Off match.

[Aug/2007] — British-Frog (in red) and Germans (in red!) stop for a friendly photo-op at the end of the Grand Final.

[Sep/2007] — Plate Division finalists — Amadeus and Campioni — striking a pose after their entertaining match.

[Sep/2007] — Japan FC and Yingcharoen at the end of their spirited 3rd place match.

[Sep/2007] — This month's Grand Finalists — Winking Frog and Cosmos — happy to get in front of the camera following their closely fought match.

[Oct/2007] — Winking Frog and Cosmos still friends after their Cup SF2 match.

[Oct/2007] — Winking Frog and Nextstep seem content in finishing the day as 3rd and 4th overall.

[Nov/2007] — Yingcharoen and Nextstep in a friendly photo after their group match.

[Nov/2007] — Germans and LeCoq French is another one of the regular derby matches in the Vets.

[Nov/2007] — Cosmos and Winking Frog still friends after their Cup QF3, which Cosmos won narrowly and moved on.

[Nov/2007] — LeCoq French and the Germans meet again in the Knockout Stage again in the Plate Division Final, which the Germans win again, this time at the end of a penalty shootout.

[Nov/2007] — Campioni and Medicals in a photo after their 3rd place match, which Campioni won after a penalty shootout.

[Nov/2007] — Harrow Teachers and Cosmos caught in a friendly photo at the end of their Grand Final.

[Dec/2007] — Medicals and Germans joyous after their BadCup! Final in which the Medical comfortably won 2-0 and confined the Germans to the BadCup!

[Dec/2007] — Yingcharoen Standbys and Harrow Cooks having a laugh after their Cup SF1.

[Dec/2007] — Grand Finalists, Winking Frog and Harrow Cooks seem glad that the day is over before sunset.

[Mar/2008] — JFC Penguins and Winking Frog are all best buddies at the end of their group match.

[Mar/2008] — Anatolian Turks and JFC Bears captured together at the end of their group match.

[Mar/2008] — Yingcharoen and Swiss pictured jointly following their grueling BadCup! battle.

[Mar/2008] — Anatolia and Cosmos pictured together after their exciting Cup SF2 matchup — a familiar sight these days.

[Mar/2008] — Winking Frog and Bangkok Cosmos pictured in a friendly photo following their Grand Final.

[Apr/2008] — Medical Gear and LeCoq French pictured after their grueling Group-B play-off penalty-shootout.

[Apr/2008] — Both Amadeus and LeCoq are elated that the day is over, despite being featured in the day's BadCup! final.

[Apr/2008] — Harrow Cooks and Crossbar Strikers caught in a photo-op following the Grand Final match.

[Aug/2008] — Amnuaysilp and Southerners having a laugh at the end of their BadCup! Final.

[Aug/2008] — New Wave and Yingcharoen Pink (with Herr Kumar and the Formula-1 Trophy Girls) captured at the end of their Grand Final.

[Nov/2008] — Amnuaysilp Grads and BSL Veterans posed together following their friendly 11th place ranking encounter (winner . . . . . irrelevant!).

[Nov/2008] — Yingcharoen-Red and Harrow Cooks posed together following their Grand Final encounter (winner . . . . . Harrow Cooks!).

[Apr/2009] — BadCup! finalists, Los Latinos and BSL Veterans, rather jubilant of their finish on the day.

[Apr/2009] — Campioni Italians and Souther Cross caught in the spotlight following their 11th place bout.

[Apr/2009] — Harrow Cooks and Blue Lightning stop for a pose after their grueling 7-8 penalty-shootout.

[Apr/2009] — Blue Lightning and Anatolian Turks in the frame after their very interesting Grand Final.

[Jul/2009] — Harrow Cooks and Crossbar Southerners are still friends to stop for a photo-op at the end of their exciting penalty-shootout.

[Aug/2009] — THAIcrew United and Yingcharoen Standbys in a happy joint-photo at the end of their 7th-8th place game.

[Aug/2009] — A rare joint-photo of JFC Bears (serious) and JFC Penguins (casual) teams.

[Aug/2009] — Scandinavian Vikings and Sunbelt United comparing notes of their outing today at the Vets (naaa, they're just toasting for a good day of football).




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