Bangkok Veterans League
Season #4, Event #17
— Annual Traditional Charity Event —
• Inaugural "Bangkok Veterans in Midnight Charity Run" •
11/Oct/2008 • Amari Watergate Hotel

Bangkok Veterans conquer the Midnight Run

Date: 09/Sep/2009
With the aim to get healthier, as well as participate in another charity event organized by Vets League's namesake sponsor, Bangkok General Hospital, we decided to take the plunge, and enter the unique-to-Bangkok Midnight Charity Run.

There wasn't a long debate over which distance we'll take on, as 6K seemed doable, as opposed to 12K, despite the appeal of running through Soi Cowboy in the longer distance.

The Vets, and their companions, descended to the Amari Watergate Hotel at about 11:00pm, many of them thinking how we'll survive this tonight, and still wake up early in the morning tomorrow to compete in the Oct/2008 edition of the Vets League.

The race officials announced the running course as the following roadmap, and we were delighted to see 6K was half of 12K distance.

After a few pictures in the distinguished Kaka-22 shirts, the Vets were ready to take to the road. We preferred to run together and give support to one another for the most part of the race, as we knew most of us needed it, and as a result everyone finished the race in one piece.

The running times in this inaugural year were:
Veteran Time Style Remark
Roland 53 min 4km jog, 2km walk Nagging knee
Eralp 51 min 4km jog, 1km walk, 1km run Overweight, and plenty of room for improvement
Dominique 50 min 6km jog 51-years-old, 50 min time, way to go!
Yamine 49 min 6km jog Agrees he needs to lose weight, and blames his wife's delicious cooking
Stefan 48 min 4km jog, 2km run Bettering his 49 min last year, and not overrun by fat Farang Ladies this year!
Graham 43 min 3km jog, 3km run Fittest among the Vets

Of course, the above minutes must all be taken in perspective that the top runners were at their 3km (already made their first U-turn and heading back), while the Vets were crossing our 1km mark !

In addition, the 6K winner finished his race in 25min, and the 12K winner finished his in 38min!

After resting a bit and sipping the drinks at the hotel's bar, by the time we felt fit to get back up and walk again, it was after 2:00am on Sunday morning already. We could have closed down Soi Cowboy on any other given night, but tonight we opted for the healthier option and headed home to prepare for the tomorrow's Vets League (oh, wait, it's today's Vets League )!

Sleepy eyes, sore muscles, aching bones; nevertheless, terrific outing and great enjoyment!

Looking forward to the 2009 edition.

Kind regards,


Picture 1 — Bangkok Veterans slowly gathering. Pictured are:
    Standing: Huberto, Yamine, Eralp, Dominique
    Front: [Yamine's sister-in-law], [Yamine's wife]

Picture 2 — The full contingent of the Vets are all in one cohesive running unit.
    Standing: Kari (Graham's wife), Stefan, Graham, Eralp, Yamine, Dominique
    Front: [Yamine's sister-in-law], Roland, [Yamine's wife], Huberto

Picture 3 — Yamine, (sleepy) Stefan and Dominique right before the start gun goes off.

Picture 4 — We've got an Ayutaya Radio Flyer passing through us!

Picture 5 — Top runners are already on their return leg (~3km) as the Vets barely cross our 1km mark

Picture 6 — Roland (a.k.a. Kaka) taking the final bit in his own stride.

Picture 7 — There were runners from all walks of life taking part in the Midnight Run this year.

Picture 8 — The Vets strike a pose with Midnight Run's most beautiful runner.

Picture 9 — Germans's Ralf (as BGH's marketing manager) presenting the winners trophy in the U-13 category.

From: Graham
Team: Woodstock Wanderers
Date: 14/Sep/2008


Thanks for a good night out.

A few bullet points from memory:
  • The rain brought the temperature down thankfully
  • Fancy-dress included Thai traditional dress, Samurai Warrior, drummer, devils, and a bunch of old guys in Kaka shirts and ghastly purple socks
  • Germans also had a good turn out
  • Nice A 6km run up and down the "scenic" Petburi Road
  • A mountainous climb up the slope to the railway line
  • Most of us were happy to complete the run without injury considering we had the October Vets League the next day



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