Bangkok Veterans League
Season #3, Event #10
— Annual Traditional Friendly Derby Match —
• Inaugural "Bangkok Veterans -vs- RBSC Veterans" •
20/Oct/2007 • Polo Club

Courteous RBSC victors over the Vets in the inaugural clash

Date: 09/Sep2009
We have been talking about this friendly with the RBSC Veterans for so long, we were delighted that we could finally schedule a day for this inaugural annual traditional derby.

A quick e-mail went out to all the Vets on the VetsLeague mailing group, and we had a massive squad in a flash:
    • Veterans League
        - Eralp (M)
    • Winking Frog
        - Paul
        - Joe
    • Anatolian Turks
        - Beyhan
        - Yilmaz
    • BSL Veterans
        - Stefan
        - Keith
        - Roland
    • British Club
        - Peter
    • Hotspot Spotters
        - Gonzague
        - Preben
        - Apisak
    • LeCoq French
        - Dominique
        - Gilles
        - Christophe
        - Olivier
    • BU Japan
        - Wakana
        - Cem
        - Cem
        - Cem
    • NIST Teachers
        - Adrian (C)
    • Debsirin Grads
        - Permkiat
        - "Denn"
    • LesGaulois French
        - Jean-Francois (a.k.a. Jef)

A quick juggling act among the many talented players, the Vets settled in their comfortable 4-4-2 formation, knowing it will be a tough battle for the control of the midfield.

The Starting-11 was decided as follows:

Fwd. Adrian Jean-Francois
Mid. Preben Paul Joe Permkiat
Def. Peter Roland Stefan
GK Gonzague

Substitutes Bench:
    • Beyhan
    • Yilmaz
    • Keith
    • Apisak
    • Dominique
    • Gilles
    • Olivier
    • Wakana
    • "Denn"
    • Preben
    • Eralp

1st Period:
    After the initial pleasantries, handshakes and photo-shoots, the match started to a bombardment of attacks from the RBSC Veterans on the immaculate pitches of the Polo Club, and the Bangkok Veterans were baffled by the urgency of matters. Yet, at first, the Vets were taken aback by the intensity of attacks, but later on became comfortable in defending against them.

It's just when the Vets started to relax came the goal, towards the end of the Period-1. A nice combination of passes in from of the Vets goal, RSBC were able to break through and open the scoring in the game. [Score: 0-1]

The period ended in equal fashion, with a lot of attacks from the RBSC side.

    • First Break ==> Veterans 0 - 1 RBSC

2nd Period:
    The Period-2 seemed to have started in the same style, with a lot of possession by the RBSC side, and well organized defending by the Vets. Towards the middle of the period, the Vets started to come out of their shell, and began threatening the RBSC goal as well, through the agile Jean-Francois and masterful Adrian.

Unfortunately, however, the team that went on the scoreboard was the RBSC again, this time through a quick counter-attack, where the Vets defence hesitated for the an offside call. All the appeals were fruitless in this "away" game at the Polo Club, and the goal rightfully stood. [Score: 0-2]

Towards the end of Period-2, Paul had a few chances in front of RBSC goal, but lacked the final touch against a strong RSBC defence.

    • Second Break ==> Veterans 0 - 2 RBSC

3rd Period:
    After a calm and collected teamtalk at the break that we were only guests here, the Vets were pumped up for the final period. The Period-3 was when the Vets came out all guns blazing, hungry for a few goals.

They worked hard against a skillful RBSC side, with an active midfield with Permkiat and Yilmaz, and found even more chances, and yet their finishing failed them in front of the goal.

Observing this, Paul took matters in his own hand towards the end of the period. Seeing the RBSC's goalkeeper was often too far off his line, he unleashed a blazing long range shot that lobbed the goalkeeper despite all his efforts, and to put the Vets on the scoreboard. [Score: 1-2]

More attacks by the Vets didn't produce any more goals, and this inaugural friendly ended with a close score in favour of the RBSC Vets.

    • Full Time ==> Veterans 1 - 2 RBSC

    Overall, a wonderful start to a new annual traditional derby with the RBSC Vets, regardless of the result, as winning the game for us is not the objective, but winning hearts is.

Great game, great venue, great afternoon!

Plenty of laughs, trophies and beers to go around in the post-match celebrations.

We'd like to sincerely thank RBSC's Kh. Rojanasit for deciding to invite and host us at the Polo Club, a date will be looking forward to in the Vets annual calendar each year.

4th Period:
    Yes, of course, there was a Period-4, when we sat around and enjoyed each other's company with beers and cigars, until we were politely hinted by the Groundsmen that it was nearing midnight .

However, the climax of the whole afternoon was, while chatting after the match with Dominique, Jean-Francois (Jef), Roland, Preben and Gonzague, Jef received a mobile call, and had to excuse himself for a few minutes from the rest of the crowd.

When the few minutes turned out to be more than 20 min, the rest of us started pestering Jef that he was losing out on the remaining beers, and that we don't get to see each other too often anyway, and that he is being rude to spend too much time on the phone with someone else in the presence of our company, etc., etc., etc.

Little did we know that, a few more minutes later after finishing his conversation, Jef quietly revealed to us that "that someone else" he was talking with was noone else than Arsene Wenger himself ! Everyone's jaws dropped like 40 ton trucks. His Football Highness Mr. Wenger, a family friend of Jef's from his childhood days in Duttlenheim, was calling to bounce off a few tactical ideas for Arsenal's game against Bolton later in the afternoon (in London) that day! Of course, suddenly, we all wanted to contribute (Arsenal went on to win their Premier League fixture 2-0 as well).

Just a wonderfully great day!

Eagerly waiting the 2008 derby!

Kind regards,


Picture 1 — Bangkok Veterans brought an impressive squad to this year's inaugural friendly. Pictured are:
    Standing: Beyhan, Peter, Apisak, Wakana, Preben, Olivier, Christophe, Stefan, Adrian, Paul
    Front: Eralp, Gilles, Dominique, Jean-Francois, Roland, Yilmaz, Gonzague, "Denn", Permkiat, Joe

Picture 2 — Permkiat is doing his best to advance the ball in the midfield, while Gilles is on his toes for that perfect pass.

Picture 3 — Vets substitutes bench eagerly waiting to catch a piece of the action.

Picture 4 — And-of-day happy joint-teams photo.

Picture 5 — All the silverware, in relative sizes, raring to go!.

Picture 6 — Vets Captain on the day, Adrian, receives the miniature Runners-up trophy from RBSC's Captain Kh. Pattanapong.

Picture 7 — Goal of the Day trophy goes to Vets's Paul for his blazing long range shot in the closing period.

Picture 8 — Finally, Eralp presents the Winners trophy to RBSC's Captain Kh. Pattanapong.


Feel free to e-mail to me if you would like to voice your take on the above summary, or would like to obtain the original resolution pictures.





Veterans -vs- RBSC
0 - 1 [?]

0 - 2 [?]
Paul 1 - 2
1 - 2
    • FB: First Break
    • SB: Second Break
    • FT: Full Time